Windows Remote Computer Log

While managing or configuring windows servers from a management server, a log may be needed for servers being managed. For that purpose, following powershell command might be used. In this example, “RemoteComputerName” logs are displayed and filtered according to “Logname” and “EventID”.

DNS Backup & Restore

One of the things I have learned from my past experiences is never underestimate anything, especially “windows services” you do not know from top to bottom. DNS is a kind of service like this. It is operational for 99% or more of the year I think. Therefore, it is forgotten somewhere out, because it works… Continue reading DNS Backup & Restore

Group Policy Backup

Group policies are one of the most important instruments of administering windows machines which are part of the domain. Most of the bulk settings and configurations are applied via them. What is more, they are so powerful and may cause catastrophic results if misconfigured. Besides, there are some policies that have more than 100 settings… Continue reading Group Policy Backup